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Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Update on Personal Data Processing


We would like to assure you that for the company with the distinctive title IMPREXIS COMMERCE IKE, the protection of the personal data of our customers is of primary importance. That is why we take the appropriate measures to protect the personal data we process and ensure that the processing of personal data is always carried out in accordance with the obligations set by the legal framework, both by the company itself and by third parties. process personal data on behalf of the company.
We would also like to assure you that at IMPREXIS COMMERCE IKE, we do not collect data about minors under 16 years of age.

Data Processing / Protection Officer (DPO)

The company IMPREXIS COMMERCE IKE, email:, tel: +30 690 684 6740, website: informs that, for the purposes of exercising its business activities, it processes personal data of its customers according to the current national legislation and the European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons against the processing of personal data and on the free circulation of such data (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter “Regulation”) as in force.
For any issue regarding the processing of personal data, contact the personal data department at email: or by phone: +30 690 684 6740, requesting the Data Processing / Protection Officer.

What is the purpose of processing and how do we use your personal data?

We use your data in various ways which vary depending on the purpose of processing.
There are cases in which IMPREXIS COMMERCE IKE will not be able to take action unless it has specific Personal Data, such as your Personal Data required when processing your orders so that they can be delivered by the carrier to you and not to another third person.

The purposes of processing your personal data are:
(a) the provision of the services you provide to us and wish to receive from us, such as the purchase of products that you wish to purchase from us. Specifically:

Execute your orders

In order to deliver your orders and be able to support you even after the sale, the necessary information we need is:

the name & surname and for companies TIN, Tax Office, Profession, so that the employee who makes the delivery knows to whom to deliver
the invoicing and / or delivery address so that you can pick it up at your place
the landline number so we can contact you regarding your order
the mobile phone number for your electronic information via e-mails or telephone communication regarding your order
your email address to receive updates regarding your order.
All of the above are necessary for the prevention and detection of fraud against you and against our company.
In case you have chosen paypal as the payment method, the details of the delivery address are automatically sent by us to paypal, in order to confirm / prove the correctness of the delivery to that address.

(b) With your consent and if you have granted us, either when you create a member account, or when you subscribe to our newsletters and personalize your communication, your possible details may be provided as follows:

Subscribe to the newsletter, send updates and offers:

To subscribe to newsletters, send information and offers you must give us your email address (email)
With your registration and consent, you will be able to enjoy all our updates and offers that we send via email and text messages or Instant messaging through relevant services (for example by SMS, Viber, Push Notifications, etc.).

Create a member account:

To create a Member Account you need to give us your email address and set your own personal passwords.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The data we collect from our website is used for your participation in Customer Satisfaction Survey, under the specific conditions set by the legal framework. Customer Satisfaction Survey today is conducted through electronic communication.

Credit / Debit Card Data

Credit card details are requested upon completion of your orders if you select the relevant